The fastest reward app you ever saw.

With Smatched you will get a reward app that gives you the highest payout ratio across the market and therefore helps you to monetize your vouchers even faster than any other app.

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Answer short surveys or see some videos

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Earn coins with every survey or video you answer or watch

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Redeem your coins for rewards on our Smatched Store

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The more you use our app, the faster you level up and get better gifts

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Some person

How can I trust you guys that you will also pay out the reward?

We are approved and funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden Wuerttemberg as well as the L-Bank.

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When will I get my Coins and the reward?

Your Coins will be transferred to your account once a transaction got approved by the advertisers which usually happens instantly but can vary.

Some person

Where can I redeem my Coins?

You can simply go into our shop and redeem them there for a wide range of vouchers.

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What are these gift boxes in the app?

You will a gift box when you have collected 100 tokens. When opened, you will receive random rewards!

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How much do I have to play to get a reward?

That depends on the country you access the app from and can strongly vary. In Germany you should get the first reward in less than 30 minutes.

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What happens with all my data?

We are working with several renowned data privacy lawyers and GDPR conform tools on securing your data and offering only your data anonymized to advertisers to target on our platforms only.

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